Deloitte Brazil ITC 2020 is postponed. The decision reflects concerns to ensure health and well-being amid growing international caution regarding coronavirus

Paying subscribers of this event will be properly compensated. Please contact for questions and further information.
Deloitte ITC 2020
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Stay conected to the transformation ecosystem!

The Deloitte Industry Transformation Cycle (ITC) was postponed, the decision reflects concerns to ensure health and well-being amid growing international caution regarding coronavirus. Soon, however, it will return, integrating the entire ecosystem of transformation that impacts companies and society in two days of concurrent and intense activities.

It will be a unique experience where you will have access to the best content Deloitte has to offer, as well as a number of partners from Brazil and from all over the world that come to São Paulo to share knowledge with anyone who wants to lead the new cycle of change.

See how last edition experience was

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Our thanks to all speakers who have been building with Deloitte this great project


Speakers confirmed

Trends in business and society

David Bray

Singularity University Speaker

Ira Kalish

Deloitte Chief Global Economist

Fernando Honorato

Chief Economist at Bradesco

Larry Keeley

Deloitte Global Innovation Leader and Singularity University speaker

Jerry O'Dwyer

Deloitte Global Leader for Consulting in Strategy, Analytics & M&A

Nick Galletto

Deloitte Global Cyber Risk Leader

Thomas Croisier

Consulting Leader in Strategy in France and cofounder of Monitor

Heloisa Montes

Deloitte Brazil Strategy Consulting Lead Partner

Michael Bondar

Deloitte Global Leader for Innovation Assets

Gustavo Rotta

Deloitte Brazil Innovation Leader

Roberta Yoshida

Deloitte Brazil Human Capital Consulting Lead Partner

John Meacock

Deloitte Global Director for Strategy

Evelyn C. Kaupp

Deloitte Tax Management Consulting Partner

George Warnock

Deloitte Asian Services Group Leader

Shuichi Morishige

Japanese Services Group Leader and Mitsui GLCSP

Jobst Wilmanns

Deloitte Transfer Pricing Leader

Glaucia Alves

Deloitte Director, Member of the Innovation Reference Center at Fundação Dom Cabral

Trends in industries and sectors

Bob Contri

Deloitte Global Financial Services Industry Leader

Sérgio Biagini

Deloitte Brazil Financial Services Industry Leader

Craig Wigginton

Deloitte Global Telecommunications Leader

Márcia Ogawa

Deloitte Brazil Telecommunication, Media and Technology Leader

Leon Peters

Deloitte Retail Industry Leader

Andrew Swart

Deloitte Global and Canadian Mining and Metals Leader

Patrícia Muricy

Deloitte Brazil Mining Industry Leader

Carlos Nicácio

Deloitte Brazil Energy, Resources and Industrials Products Leader

Elias de Souza

Deloitte Brazil Government and Public Sector Leader

Executive programs

Sandford Cockrell

Deloitte Global CFO Program Leader

Renata Muramoto

Deloitte Brazil CFO Program Lead Partner

Peter Brown

Deloitte Best Managed Companies Program Leader

Michael Runia

Deloitte Global Private Companies Program Leader

Angela Castro

Deloitte Brazil Human Capital Club and All In Program Leader (empowering women)

Fábio Pereira

Deloitte Brazil CIO Program Lead Partner

Pierluigi Scarcella

Global Brazilian Institute for Financial Executives Leader

Universities and innovation centers

Vahan Agopyan

Dean of USP – University of São Paulo

VanDick Silveira

CEO of Trevisan Business School

Reynaldo Gama

CEO of Singularity University Brazil

Roberto Soboll

Eldorado Institute Managing Director

Hugo Tadeu

Professor and leader of the Innovation Reference Center (CRI) at Fundação Dom Cabral (FDC)

Jefferson Gomes

Institute for Technological Research CEO

Carlos Nazareth Motta Marins

Inatel Professor

Chao Lung Wen

USP Chief of Telemedicine

Government Representatives

Carlos Alexandre da Costa

Productivity, Employment and Competitiveness Secretary (Min. of Economy)

Paulo Alvim

Secretary of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Min. Science, Tech, Innovation and Com.)

Luis Felipe Monteiro

Secretary of Digital Government of Ministry of Economy

Natália Marcassa de Souza

Ministry of Transportation Executive Secretary (Min. of Infrastructure)

Diogo Mac Cord de Faria

Infrastructure Development Secretary (Min. of Economy)

Artur Coimbra

Director of the Broadband Depart. of Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovations and Communications

Simone Freire

Director of Inspection for the Brazilian Healthcare Agency

Alexis Fonteyne

Federal Congressman, Member of Tax Reform Commission

Guilherme Guimaraes Martins

BNDES Department Chief of Public-Private Partnership

Igor Nogueira Calvet

Brazilian Agency for Industrial Development President

Joelson Vellozo

Director User Experience for Public Services at the Digital Government Secretariat (Ministry of Economy)

Marcos Vinicius de Souza

São Paulo State Subsecretary of Science, Techonology and Innovation of Economic Development Secretariat

Tatiana Rosito

Petrobras China Chief Representative and Business General Manager in Asia

Business and Opinion leaders

Jorge Gerdau Johannpeter

President of the Superior Board at Brazil Competitive Movement

Gabriel Kanner

Brazil 200 Institute President

Giovani Siqueira

Head of TIP/Facebook

Leandro Caldeira

CEO Brazil of Gympass

Luiz Carlos Hauly

Former Federal Deputy (Representative) and creator of the Tax Reform Constitutional Amendment Proposal

Valdir Moysés Simão

Former Chief Minister of the Controllership General of the Union

Gustavo da Silva Amaral

Member of the Tax Citizenship Center

André Kriger

Telefonica Brasil CIO

Augusto Lins

Stone CEO

Carlos Roseiro

Huawei Solution Director

Cesar Giannotti

Philips Corporate Solutions Leader

Cláudia Elena Bonelli

TozziniFreire Contracts and Governments Projects Lawyer

Eduardo Lopes

Google LatAm VP

Edward Pimenta

Globo Group Branded Content Director of Glab

Elbia Melo

ABE Eolic Executive President

Eliezer Silva

Albert Einstein Hospital Director Superintendent of Diagnostic and Ambulatory Medicine

João B. Ribeiro


José Formoso

Embratel CEO

Luisa Feyo Guimarães Peixoto

Quicko Institutional Relations Analyst

Luiz Fernando Pedrucci

President for Renault Americas

Marcos Perez

Manesco Advogados Partner

Maurício Minas

Bradesco Board Administration Member

Paulo Mendes


Paulo Vasconcellos

Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance Coordinator of the Administration Board Comission

Rafael Steinhauser

Qualcomm LatAm President

Renato Sucupira

BF Capital President

Romeu Freitas

São Camilo Group CFO

Stania Moraes

Ciena Accounting & Finance Director

Wagner Coppede Junior

NEC LatAm Sales Director

Leandro Vilain

FEBRABAN Business and Operations Policy Director


Logo Deloitte

The Deloitte Industry Transformation Cycle (ITC)  was conceived and spearheaded by the biggest organization in professional services in the world. Deloitte, the global industry leader, in revenues, number of professionals and solutions offered, currently has the capability to respond to the number of challenges faced by companies in their journey of transformation.

Deloitte is also an organization that shares infinite content with decision makers and opinion leaders. In Brazil alone, every year, over 100 primary research and market research is conducted, as well as points of view on the most diverse business topics, available by press, social media, our content app, and Mundo Corporativo magazine to name a few.

Deloitte ITC will present, in one single event, a synthesis of all the knowledge on trends that transform organizations in all industries.